• rachaelherren

Squirmy thing.

I'm squirming and wigging through the

discomfort of it

And I find it hilarious and tiring and


But uncomfortable still

I'll never stop laughing at myself

I need that

Otherwise I think I'd become a man of the


Or a maitre d' of fine dining

All smiles and clenched buttholes

And humorless

And pandering

And desperate

To be absolutely sure

I certainly am desperate

But for a thing I really want

And not a general sense of belonging

I've belonged before

And it's fine

6 out 10

Don't recommend

I'd rather enjoy the who that I am

And I think I do

Most of the time

But when I leave

And I do

I miss me

Until I come back to myself

And I do

And it's good to be home

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